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If you have anything for sale or looking for a WC-64kd part please use this page.
I receive a lot of mails of people looking for (body)parts and asking me for help.
Sorry I can't help you, my WC-64 was complete when I bought it so I was lucky and never had to look for those special parts.
I hope this page on my site will help you finding the missing parts by filling in the form When I find dealers that sell WC-64 parts I'll put a link here to there site, if you know any please let me know.


For sale :
Dodge WC-64kd original

Norwegian plates and ready to drive away.
Came like they were in service for the Norwegian army.
Very complete
Price 8000-9000 Euro
Please send me a e-mail if interested

Per Espen Kristiansen Email: pek1965@live.com Country: Norway
    Pics:   City:


Dodge WC-64kd parts for free!!

It will be a pity to scrap it . The rear lower frame is interesting as it's in good condition. The chassis, 2 axles wz their diffential, the fuel tank all in good condition except the wheels. To be collected in Thury, France.

Sylvain Simonneau
Email: mhsimonneau@hotmail.fr Country: France
    Pics: more pictures... City: Thury

For sale :
Dodge WC-64kd 'Firetruck' restoration project


A very nice French KD ambulance. Just out of a fire department where it spent most of its life inside. Missing some parts that you can see. The truck is very good, just a few things changed after war but only small changes. The rearbox interior cabin is damaged more, it served as a shelter in a garden

Price : 6000 Euro


Franck Bovinet Email: p.bovinet@sfr.fr Country: France
    Pics: more pictures... City: Bar sur Aube


For sale :
2 Dodge WC-64kd restoration projects


you get two trucks, one for parts, restoration started on the second one, have lots of extra parts that go with the truck, extra front and rear axles, transfer case, engine, extra wheels, one complete truck between the two.


John Seidts Email: ffatc@forgottenfield.com Country: USA
    Pics: www.photobucket.com City: Baltimore, Maryland

For sale :
Dodge WC-64kd 'Firetruck' restoration project



A very nice late war KD ambulance. Just out of a fire department where it spent most of its life inside. The only rust is on the left front tool box exterior shown above. Mouse nest in this corner. Very straight and clean all around. Runs and drives excellent. No brakes currently. Missing some parts that you can see.
Lights currenlty work too! Converted to 12V with an alternator but the original voltage regulator is still there. The rest of the engine compartment is correct and original. Engine was overhauled recently. All the original gauges work also. The worst of this truck is the interior of the cargo area was cut some to accomodate a water tank that they had installed. We do have an extra cargo box available should you decide you want it. It is NOT included in the sale price!
Price whole: $4950.00


John Email: jbizal100@midwestmil.com Country: USA
    Pics: www.midwestmil.com City: Prior Lake

For sale :
Dodge WC-64kd


Complete Ambulance.

Bied aan een Dodge Knock Down ambulance WC 64. Vrij zeldzaam model. Prijs in overleg bij bezichtiging.
Bezichtiging ook mogelijk voor of na de ardennenrit van ktr.


John van den berg Email: johnvandenberg@home.nl Country: The Netherlands
    website:   City: Heerlen

For sale :
Dodge WC-64kd rear doors


New old stock Dodge WC64 Knock down ambulance
Bram van Buren Email: info@bramvanbuuren-jeeps.nl Country: The Netherlands
    website: www.bramvanbuuren-jeeps.nl City: Beusichum


Wanted :
Dodge WC-64kd doorparts


I need the middle door jam that is located where the door female striker hits the male striker on the body door frame. This the male piece not on the door but the frame around the middle door.
I also need wiring for heater in back of ambulance.
Stephen Damon Email: SGDAMON@HOTMAIL.COM Country: USA
    website:   City: Waco, Texas.

Wanted :
Dodge WC-64kd rear body panels or drawing


Hello, my dad and I have recently bought a dodge WC 64kd, but we don't have the rear box. We have a home-made box which the first owner have maid. Do you have any information we could get to have a box new or one to be restored? Or do you have any drawings to make a new one.
Nicolas & Alain Wadsworth Email: p051mustang@wanadoo.fr Country: France
  website: WC64 blog City:  

Wanted :
Dodge WC-64kd doors, litter carrier etc.


Je viens d'acheter une ambulance 64 KD et suis à la recherche de la bâche de cabine, des portes, et des supports de brancards supérieurs.
Benoît Email: BOISCHAUT@aol.com Country: France
    website:   City:  


Here you find a list of dealers that sell Dodge (WC-64) part

Bram van Buren JEEPS Rear doors of te WC64 NL
Jemax Parts Also Dodge parts and good service NL

This part of my site is in its formative stages and will be added to over the coming months.
If you are looking for a special part or like to sell parts and you are a owner of a Dodge WC64 KD or a dealer, please contact me.