Dodge WC64 historical

Found on the internet
World War II Please send me some more!
Korean War 1950-1953 Pictures of the WC64 used in the Korean War
WC64 in the Dutch army 1945-1960

Events & Reenacting WITH WC64

20/9/2009 Field Hospital Eerde
20/9/2009 Dropzone A Eerde
19/9/2009 Battlefield tour
6/2009 Schoolevent daughter with 'Health-theme'
6/2009 An ambulance limo
9/2007 Field hospital Market Garden near dropzones Son, NL
6/5/2006 Batailion Aid Station

My WC64 & details

Restoration of my KD Some pictures I scanned from Everts Album of the restoration 1989-1990
Pictures I made before I was the new owner and just after it went to it's new 'home'
Foldaway Litter racks Detailed pictures of the Litter racks in the back
Softtop Doors cabin

Detailed pictures of the canvas doors
They are originally made wrong (mirrored) but I've seen this same mistake with more KD's.
Do you have a clue?

Search light

Detailed pictures of the Search light and mounting
There are on the side of the lensring 3 little pins to secure a protection beamcap and glass with a red cross marking, who can help or has any pictures? please let me know...


KD in movies & WWII MD Film

KD on film and in movies
As scarce as they are, the KD’s have turned up in several movies, although usually very briefly.
These include:

- Battle circus with Huphrey Bogart (1953)

- Kelly's Heroes (1970),
- Gojira ,Japanese movie (1954),
- The Black Scorpion (1957),
- The Forgotten War (narrated by Robert Stack),
- Back to the Beach, Fighter Squadron (1948),
- Command Decision (1948) with Clark Gable.

I'll try to put more of the scenes online if I can find them, any help is welcome...

Here are some internet films aboud The Medical Department in WW2:

(You Tube) Wounded are carried to trucks-which take them to the beachhead-where they are loaded onto Higgins boats and then ferried out to waiting PBY that will take them to a rear area field hospital, late 1943, Northern Solomons.
(You Tube) Wounded are given plasma at a jungle aid station-under the trees of a coconut tree plantation, 1943. Nice detail of how the plasma bottles are prepared-and then used...Medic/Corpsman wets wounded mans lips with damp cloth-as water is like gold and in short supply.
(You Tube) Wounded Marines are ferried via ambulance jeeps through the jungle to a rear area Naval field hospital. Wounded are prepared for surgery, insturments are sterilized and then men are operated on. Nice detail of plasma bottles.
(You Tybe) Footage of a 511th PIR field hospital in Leyte, Philippine Islands, December 1944.
(You Tube) Re enactment of a World War II fieldhospital.
(You Tube) Re enactment of a World War II fieldhospital.