History and pictures of my WC64

On this page one can see some photos of my Dodge WC-64kd. Let me tell some about it's history. It was build in 1945 by Dodge and the body is by Wayne. I am not sure it was used during World War Two. After the war is went to Greece as part of the Mutual Defense Aid to Greece by the USA. In Greece it was painted in camouflage. In 1988 it was sold by the Greek army to a Dutch company called Scorpios. The director of Scorpios named Dennis Sneider bought a lot of around 30 WC54's and KD ambulances. Some were so rotten that they were scrapped in Greec. The WC's were shipped from Piraeus (Gr) to Rotterdam (NL). Two WC's plus spare parts in one container. Noteworthy is that all of the ambulance had their engines removed in or by the Greec(e).

I bought my WC64 in february 2006 from Henk vd Hoek in Wekerom (NL).
He has had it for about 5 years and bought it in 2001 from Evert vd Brink in Otterlo (NL).
Evert bought it in 1989 from Scorpios.

Evert restored the WC64 to its original 1944 look and did a really good job.

Here some pictures of the restoration

Work done on My WC64

Overhauled all breakcillinders, add breakfluid reservoir
Negative switch added, new sparkplugs etc. 3/2006
Wheel bearing play removed 3/2006
New safer mirrors and windscreen wipers 3/2006
Overhauled the carburator 5/2006
Changed lightbulbs (12V->6V) and repaired indicator relay 6/2006
Extra safe seat in back for baby and beds for camping 6/2006
New markings 7th Armored div. 77th Medical batt. 4/2007
Removable backup camera installed 5/2007
Overhauled master breakcillinder 8/2007
Side panels rust removed, holes filled and repainted .../2008
New heater (Tropical-air) installed  


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