JULy 2006

I will tell you how I'm planning to restore my ambulance.
I've already found the motor, four of the five dials of the dash board, two tires, the hand brake and the gear shift.
In addition to the Dodge Pick up that I bought to complete or replaced some parts like grills of the lights, the hood, stirrups, frame for the step and its documents (which is really important), I was also given the headlights, Light switch, the windshield wipers and now the manuals from you.
The first step was to evaluate the overall condition and after a brief analysis I realized that it had problems in many different areas.
The second step was to buy new tires because the workshop owner needed me to move the ambulance.
I bought 750 x 16 used tires. Here in Argentina there aren't 900 x 16 new tires and there are very few used ones.
Then I took the whole thing apart and I sent it to be blasted. After that I found the body's serial number and the chassis serial number too.
A painter prepared the ambulance to be painted with primer. Then, I painted the front part green.
The next steps are: put-in the motor, repair the brakes, make all new pipes, (i.e. for the gas) while I continue trying to obtain the papers.
When the ambulance works, I will start to repair the body and it's at this instance when you could help me a lot. I need to make the back (where you put the gurneys). I have to make the doors, the roof, the side walls. I don't know how to attach the back to the front. I need pictures of everything, maybe some plans or just the measurements.
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