May 2006

I will tell you how I got my Dodge ambulance. I wanted to buy a Canadian Ford or Chevrolet truck, C15 or C30. Someone sent me to a junkyard for agricultural machines in Chascomús (120 km from my home)
where there were things from the Second World War.
When I arrived there I found it, but it didn't have a motor or documents. It only had one inflated tire but it didn't work. The truck was abandoned for 30 years under a tree with no-protection.
I contacted the owner and he told me that it had a complete transmission and that he wanted to sell it for $1500 (= USD 500). Although it wasn't expensive I decided not to buy it.
I looked for information on the Internet and I found out that it was a WC64KD because of the support of the searchlight.
Upon realizing that very few WC641KD trucks were built, I started to ask for recommendation from people who restore military vehicles. In general, they recommended not to buy it, but they told me that it was cheap considering all its mechanical parts. It took me one year to make a decision.
Finally I bought it, brought it from Chascomús and I started to restore it.
Little by little, I'm finding everything that I need but I can't find the back end and I don't know if there is another WC64 in Argentina.

I want to prepare a blue print for the transmission.
To finish the ambulance I bought another truck (WC?) Do you think that it is an original truck or an Argentinean invention?

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